Assisting the energy transition with technologies that emit less CO2

The Group's strategy includes a major focus on vertical integration. The goal of Direct Energie is to be present throughout the value chain, from production to energy-related services in the household.


Upstream investments in electricity generation ensure the Group's independence and its determination to be part of the energy transition.

Producing energy

By promoting diversification of the energy mix

Direct Energie acquired two combined cycle natural gas thermal power plants, one in Bayet (Allier) and another in Marcinelle (Belgium), and today has an electricity generation capacity of approximately 800 MW.


At the same time, the Group is also pursuing its ambitious industrial strategy by continuing to develop new generation capacities. In February 2012, the Direct Energie Siemens consortium was awarded a contract by the French government for the construction of a combined cycle natural gas thermal power plant with a capacity of 400 MW near the municipality of Landivisiau (Finistère).


The Group is also a candidate for the expected renewal of major hydropower concessions by forming strategic partnerships. Finally, a biomethane production pilot project was initiated in 2014.


These strategic developments contribute to our position as a flexible energy producer offering a diversified energy mix with efficient generating technologies, allowing Direct Energie to present more attractive and competitive energy supply offers.

Involvement in the energy transition

Taking part in securing the supply of electricity

Natural gas driven thermal power plants are an essential component of the energy mix. These energy generation methods are an integral part of the supply to the French electricity park, offering a flexible answer to the intermittent nature of renewable energies.


Hydropower, France's largest source of renewable electricity is also indispensable, due to its very flexible nature enabling it to meet demand peaks. The renewal of hydropower concessions is therefore fundamentally important for the Direct Energie Group.

To respond to calls for tenders, Direct Energie envisions long-term industrial partnerships with French or European partners that will be able to contribute their expertise in operating hydropower concessions.

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