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Direct Energie supplies electricity and/or natural gas to more than 2.5 million customers - individuals, businesses and companies and local authorities - with offerings adapted according to the needs of each: savings, renewable energies, fixed prices, assistance, energy savings certificates (CEE), etc.


Direct Energie is distinguished by helping all its customers on a daily basis !

This focus on customers also results in the implementation of innovative tools and services for better energy use.


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Direct Energie provides energy to individuals who have, since the opening of the market in 2007, chosen an alternative energy supplier. In addition to our quality services, our energy offerings are less expensive and better adapted to the needs of individuals: Our more flexible structure and optimisation of operating costs enable us to offer among the lowest prices on the market. 



Businesses and companies

Direct Energie supplies energy to businesses (artisans, merchants, professionals), companies, regardless of the number of sites (small and medium-sized companies, networks of shops, banking agencies or head offices), as well as industrial consumers.


Businesses and Companies

Local authorities

Today Direct Energie supplies energy to near 100 000 municipalities and local authorities. The Group regularly strengthens its positioning on this customer segment, for example with the 2012 signing of contracts with the SIPPEREC (Intercommunal Syndicate of the Parisian Periphery for Electricity and Communication Networks), the SDEC (Calvados Intercommunal Energy Syndicate), the Greater Grenoble Metropolitan Area or public establishments such as the Grand Port Maritime du Havre (Port of Le Havre).


Local authorities

Poweo in Belgium

With its international development, Direct Energie also supplies energy to more then 50,000 individual and business customers in Belgium.


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We innovate to simplify energy for you !

Today, digital technology allows better management of energy consumption. The Direct Energie Group is particularly attentive to the needs of its customers, offering them innovative tools and services, for better energy use. 


Discover our innovations and new commercial initiatives

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