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Sport association and shared moments

Sports are part of the DNA of Direct Energie. The company now counts several sporting associations managed by employees (running, soccer...).


Contrary to what you might think, running is not always a solitary activity. Direct Energie employees understand this and meet on a regular basis to train together, to motivate each other and prepare for races. For the 2016 Ekiden, nearly 40 employees have formed a relay team for this "relay marathon" of 42.195 km. 


Direct Energie also has many soccer diehards who meet each week to play games at the top! A special event was organised this year involving the riders in the cycling team and employees!




At Direct Energie, we place great importance on the work space and the integration of our employees. Our offices are changing on a regular basis, to offer employees a pleasant and sociable place to work.


Different events (cultural, sports, power plant visits, etc.) and seminars are often organised to promote synergy and cohesion within the teams. 

Sports sponsorship

More than one year ago, Direct Energie launched a wonderful sporting adventure by sponsoring the Direct Energie cycling team. Perseverance, endurance, ambition and simplicity are values shared by the sponsor and the team.


The cycling team came to the headquarters of Direct Energie in Paris: friendly sports events, sociable lunches, and above all the simplicity of these high-level athletes, allowed bonding and complicity with the company's 400 employees, who now support the cyclists they almost consider as colleagues.

More than sponsorship, the Direct Energie cycling team is a human adventure

"Team Direct Energie and the third largest French electricity and gas company share this culture of innovation, this ambition to challenge the biggest and this ability to do more with less. It is firstly with the common values of freedom, simplicity, loyalty and ambition that we found each other",  declared Xavier Caïtucoli, Chairman and CEO of Direct Energie.


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