Who are we?

The Direct Energie Group, a major player in the energy sector in France and Belgium

The result of the merger between Poweo and Direct Energie, the Direct Energie Group has become, in fifteen years,  a major player in electricity and gas in France and in Belgium. With more than 2.6 million customers and 650 employees at the end of 2017, the Group keeps on recording remarkable growth year after year.

The success of the Direct Energie Group is founded on its technical expertise, the excellence of its customer relations and its ability to innovate.

Our history

Since its creation in 2003, Direct Energie has actively participated in opening up the gas and electricity market in France and has become one of the major players. The Group has focused on technical expertise, the excellence of its customer relations and its ability to innovate to accelerate its development, to serve its customers.


The Group also made the strategic decision to pursue integration, from energy production and supply to household services. Direct Energie is moreover directly involved in the definition of a legal and regulatory framework benefiting all of the players in the market, in particular the alternative suppliers. As part of the NOME (New Organisation of the Electricity Market) Law of 2010, the Group has carried out several actions allowing us to put in place essential systems for new players in the market, in particular the Regulated Access to Historical Nuclear Energy (ARENH) or reversibility - the possibility to leave a historical operator and return to regulated rates without condition.


In 2014, the Direct Energie Group crossed a new threshold by initiating its international development, with the distribution of its offerings in Belgium.


Since 2015 and to date, the Group is continuing its vertical integration and demonstrating its determination to be present over the entire chain with the acquisition of the Bayet power plant (Allier) in 2015, and that of Marcinelle (Belgium) in 2016. In 2017, the Group finalised the acquisition of Quadran, an independent leader in green power generation in France.