Innovating to simplify energy for you!

With the digital revolution, energy today is more intelligent than ever. Direct Energie, a major player in the gas and electricity sector in France and Belgium, provides daily help in this changing environment.


We are particularly attentive to the needs of energy consumers and offer them innovative services and tools.

Our innovative services for better energy use

Offerings and services adapted to the Linky electricity meter

With the arrival of Linky in French homes, Direct Energie is putting in place a series of services to optimise the use of this smart meter.


At Direct Energie, each customer with a Linky meter can:


  • track their use by month, day and hour on their Customer Space;
  • measure changes in their electricity use, by comparing it with previous months or years;
  • benefit from customised advice to benefit from off-peak hours;
  • receive an energy consumption statement by email each month with all information at a glance!
  • choose to be invoiced on actual electricity use;
  • if a customer chooses a monthly plan, and at the end of the year has consumed less than expected, Direct Energie will reimburse them for the difference with a 3% bonus.

A question about the Linky meter? 

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Intelligent management of heating with Nest

A major consumption item, heating represents nearly 60% of energy bills. For better savings, it is essential to understand one's energy consumption for heating.


To help our customers make savings, Direct Energie is the first energy supplier to offer a connected thermostat. Direct Energie associated with Nest allows its customers to benefit from an €80 discount on the thermostat and its installation. This device is available only for gas heating.

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The Direct Energie mobile application

We have developed a mobile application to simplify energy for our customers. They can keep an eye on their energy budget and view their payment schedules, automatic payments, and billing history! Our customers can also conduct their auto-reading there and accurately track their use.


With the Direct Energie application, it has never been easier to communicate with an advisor, sponsor a friend or prepare for moving!

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Subscription tracking with the Messenger Bot

In order to assist our customers at the beginning of their life with Direct Energie, the Group has developed a "bot" in Facebook Messenger. This is an intelligent robot that sends information to our new customers who have just signed up regarding the finalisation of their subscription and the activation of their customer account. They also have the possibility of interacting with Direct Energie advisors directly in Messenger from their smartphone. 

Energy renovation with Adrien

"Adrien" is a service of the Direct Energie Group whose purpose is to inform and assist households in defining renovation work that will reduce their energy bill. In seven minutes, the energy performance of a residence can be diagnosed and concrete advice for improving the home and calculating the associated financial assistance are provided.

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Our commercial experiments

The success of Modelec

Winner of the 1st call for a show of interest of the ADEME on smart grids, the Modelec project, in partnership with the Observatoire Sociologique (sociological observatory) of the Sorbonne in particular, has just come to an end. This experiment on the control of energy consumption carried out with 500 customers provided a great deal of information.


Modelec is a tool that allows the control of energy consumption through a user-friendly platform that can be accessed from a computer, a tablet or a mobile telephone. This control allows everyone to better master their energy consumption. Each adjustment in consumption brought to the level of the population of a territory represents major savings. In this manner consumers can achieve a reduction of peak consumption as well as optimisation of electrical system operation.


The home of tomorrow

Today, connected objects are an integral part of society. At a time when understanding and mastering energy consumption is a major challenge in French homes, Direct Energy has put in place a number of innovative, accessible tools and services to simplify energy for you! These different solutions are being tested today.


ATOME by Direct Energie allows the use of Wi-Fi to transfer information from a Linky smart meter to an Internet box or a smartphone app. In the blink of an eye, regardless of where you are, it is now possible to view your usage. Finally, a real tracking tool so that nothing can escape your notice !


For those who do not understand their consumption or who would like to have precise, real-time information in euros and KWh, Direct Energie has launched MAESTRO. Using this first connected object for energy, users equipped with a smart meter can track their consumption in real time and make energy savings. Maestro also has customisable widgets, for example for the weather, as well as an ultra-fast smartphone charger !


Composed of a module installed in the electrical board and a box next to the Internet box, On/Off from Direct Energie is used to control one's electrical devices remotely. Using this dedicated app, it is very easy to turn one's heating on or off and programme precise operating schedules.

BtoB innovation with Octopus

Octopus is an experimental energy management solution for multi-site companies. This system gives managers the ability to understand the energy use of their sites, analyse and compare them and manage certain uses remotely to put in place programmes and make energy savings. The equipment is installed by a technician in the General Low Voltage Panel.