Corporate Social Responsibility

Direct Energie is aware of its responsibilities as a major player in the energy sector. Committed and determined to play its part, the Group has initiated concrete environmental and social actions.


Bayet, a power plant at the cutting edge of environmental management

The Bayet gas-driven power plant was subject to an in-depth audit to evaluate the level of integration of the environmental dimension in its business. At the end of this audit in June 2016, the power plant was awarded ISO 14001 certification. The standard is based on the principle of continuous improvement in environmental performance through the management of impacts linked to the company's business. 

Carbon neutrality

The company limits and offsets its carbon footprint document printing, employee travel, everything is in place to reduce the environmental impact of Direct Energie as much as possible. Because our footprint is still not zero, Direct Energie is a partner of EcoAct and financially supports a greenhouse gas reduction project in Vietnam.


An environmentally responsible company

In an ideal location near public transport, the Direct Energie headquarters are designed to make life easier for employees. In addition to reimbursing public transport season tickets, Direct Energie has adopted a responsible policy that promotes the use of non-polluting means of transportation. Subscriptions to self-service bicycles in the city of Paris, as well as electric cars in the Paris region are also reimbursed. Compensation per kilometre for the use of bicycles is also planned.


In addition, Direct Energie has put in place selective sorting and recycling at its headquarters in partnership with Greenwishes. Special-purpose containers have been installed to collect paper, plastic and glass

Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact

In 2016, Direct Energie formalised its membership of the Global Compact by completing its first "communication on progress" explaining the concrete steps it has implemented in pursuit of the four principles of the UN: human rights, employment rights, environment, and the fight against corruption.



During the 2016-2017 winter, Direct Energie put in place the #TousAuCourant (Everyone Up To Date) system to inform its customers via SMS and social networks in the event of strain on the electricity network during peak use times, to prevent energy supply shortages.

Energy access for everyone

In France

Direct Energie has become an active member of the Observatoire National de la Précarité Energétique (ONPE) - the national observatory of energy poverty. The Group thus contributes to putting into perspective and producing reliable and comparable data both on the phenomenon of energy poverty and the financial assistance that aims to prevent it and limit its extent.


Moreover, Direct Energie is fully involved with the national pilot of the energy cheque, decided by the energy transition law. This financial system, offering assistance to households in situations of energy poverty, is currently being tested in four départements in France. 


And around the world

Once again this year, Direct Energie supported the underprivileged by actively helping the French non-governmental organisation Electriciens Sans Frontières (Electricians without Borders) that works daily to facilitate access to energy and thereby improve the living conditions of people throughout the world.

The internal solidarity fund, concrete humanitarian commitment

For the first time, Direct Energie put in place an internal solidarity fund that allows employees to provide financial assistance to the projects that matter most to them. Of the seven finalist projects, that of Yvette Battet, billing manager, won the special jury prize in 2016.



"Le Coudrier is an association that aims to promote access to culture, sports and all leisure activities promoting the personal development of disabled people or people with adjustment disorders. The association's objective is also to develop friendship between its members and thereby allow them to create common actions benefiting disabled people. I decided to support this association because I believe its aims are important and I'm a member of it myself. It was important for me to take part in this first edition of the internal solidarity fund to help Le Coudrier achieve its goals. The amount allocated by the jury will allow children from the association to go to Lapland to meet Father Christmas! It's amazing! The trip would have been much more complicated to organise without this grant".

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